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AK Tree Service welcomes you!
My name is Chris Akonom.  I have over 25 years of field experience working as an Arborist in every aspect of tree care. I keep my overhead at a minimum because  I cut out the "middlemen" by performing all highly skilled tasks and supervising every job from beginning to end.      I will price your job and do all of  the major climbing, rigging, cutting and customer communication.  This enables me to hire, train and retain the very best support personnel in the Tampa area while consistently providing the best value for our customers at a lower rate than our competitors.We are fully licensed and insured for residential and commercial work and never charge a fee for advice concerning your trees.  Please call me at any time for a free estimate at (813) 758-9485  If voice mail answers before I do, please leave a message and you will  get a prompt response.  If you have an emergency, please leave two consecutive messages and I will respond immediately.  Check us out at Angie's List & the BBB.  Thanks for visiting our website!